Is SEO Free?

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June 1, 2020
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July 12, 2020

Is SEO Free?

is seo free

Short answer: No! It isn’t and it never was. Is time free? Nope. We spend our time doing all kind of things. In order to learn SEO, without paying for expensive courses, you’ll need to spend a lot of time, both on the theory and the technical (hands-on-approach) sides.

In the following article, I’ll try to explain the steps I took to learn SEO by myself – Spolier alert: it wasn’t “free”.

My first adventure in “SEO land”

Before going into the SEO field, I worked for 10+ years in IT, both “on land” and on cruise ships. Before going to ships, I decided – for whatever reason – to start my own blog on During those years, my blog was focused on articles related to security tutorials – since I’ve always been passionate about online/computer security. The blog is still “alive” and gets enough visits each month for some of my articles and tutorials. You can access it here: As you can see from the picture below, I still get a lot of visits even though my last post is from February 24th (this year). That means two things: the articles created were “evergreens” (articles that are still up to date after a couple of years) and the blog had some good SEO. I never promoted or monetize that blog.

number of visits for krasnek andreas blog

My Blogger Blog

Having my own blog, writing tutorials and actually creating helpful content, these were some things that I thrived for.

Going back, once I decided to leave the cruise ship industry and focus to find something new, a “land based” job, I started looking around the city for potential opportunities.
Since I’ve already had my share of “being a manager” experience, some guys from a “sell tires online” e-commerce site decided that I would be a good fit for the SEO manager position. I already had my own blog, I was kinda “good” at SEO, everything was a perfect match. I’ve managed to grow my own team, some of them still worked there after 5+ years since I left the company.
At the time that I joined them, they had no clue in regards to SEO, Google Adwords – forget about Facebook & others. They used to translate the original text (from English or German) into the other 30+ languages our other sites used. A fu**in’ mess.

“Do not settle”

Some guy said this one, it’s not my quote. Once my previous company was ranking organically in google search on places from 1 to 3 (on adwords, we use to rank at least on the 1st or 2nd place), I tried to find something new, another challenge. Since then, with on and off’s, I’m the SEO manager for a small online store, based in the western side of the country. For those who don’t know how the online e-commerce market works in Romania, the “cream of the cream” is based in the capital city, Bucharest. So, being an Online store from a small city on the western side of the country, 450 Km away from “where all things happen”, it’s kinda hard. But, that’s the challenge.

So, what about SEO? Is it free?

With the risk of repeating myself, SEO wasn’t and will never be free. Like all things in life, you either pay with your $$$ or with your time. It took me more than 10 years to get the skills I have today. I never paid for any course, I had to do the hard-work all by myself. I read a lot, I practiced a lot and did a lot of mistakes in the process. You can skip those mistakes and buy yourself some time.

is seo free

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